6 Nosel Horn Set (Red)

air musical horn

6-Nosel Horn is one of the main product in the family of Air Musical Horn sets, 6-Nosel Horn produce 8 sounds and is useable with 12 Volts as well as 24 volts.

6 Nosel Horn Set (Blue)

air musical horn

Air Musical Horn is available in many colors along with the packing of customer required, few of the famous colors with huge demands are like, Red, Green, Blue, Black etc.

6 Nosel Horn Set (Green)

air musical horn

Air Musicale Horn is available in different shapes along with different number of sounds, in each of type sounds are different then the others.

Horn Set Pipes


Air Musical Horn.


We are the Pioneers of Air Musical Horn / Air Pressure Horn made by Pakistan, Air Musical Horn made by Pakistan is getting more and more demand from all around the world.

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